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A dramatic breakthrough in the prevention and treatment of acne, with life-changing results for those who suffer

It’s a new you and a new life, with beautiful, healthy skin, thanks to Dr. Moy’s Striae Acne System!

Developed by world-renowned dermatologist, Dr. Lawrence Moy.

The Striae® Acne System represents a major breakthrough in the treatment of acne and offers life-enhancing results for those who have struggled with this troubling condition.

The Striae Acne System was formulated by board certified dermatologist Dr. Lawrence Moy, after years of exhaustive research and testing. His mission was to achieve nothing less than total elimination of acne at all stages, at all sites on the body.

Unlike other acne treatments, the Striae Acne System attacks acne on several levels and helps prevents its recurrence. What’s more, only the Striae system contains Regenetrol Complex® and other ingredients that help to lighten and eliminate the red and brown discolorations often left behind by acne lesions, leaving skin healthy, smooth, beautiful!

How Dr. Moy’s Striae Acne System works

First, the patented formulas found in Dr. Moy’s Striae Antibacterial Cleanser and Exfoliating Gel work together to thoroughly cleanse the skin, kill acne-causing bacteria and remove pore plugs so skin can breathe again.

Plugs are sticky cells of oil, bacteria and dead skin that clump together, clog the pore and lead to infection and inflammation. Once the pores are unplugged, the other ingredients in Dr. Moy’s Striae Antibacterial Cleanser and Exfoliating Gel keep on fighting bacteria, dead skin and oil so that skin can heal and regenerate.

Then, Dr. Moy’s Striae Healing Cream with Regenetrol Complex® soothes and calms skin and begins to eliminate all signs of redness and irritation. It also contains Hydroquinone, an active ingredient that lightens the red and brown spots that often linger at the site of old acne lesions. With regular use, acne is gone and so are the telltale marks, so you have a new face, a new confidence, a whole new life.

For even more effective acne fighting, Dr. Moy has created the optional Striae Infrared Light Therapy Unit. Similar to the expensive and highly advanced machines used by Dr. Moy in his private practice, this affordable, easy to use unit generates specific wavelengths of light that have been shown to enhance acne healing. Its combination of heat and infrared light increases blood flow to acne trouble spots, killing bacteria and promoting collagen development.

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Striae Acne System

A proven system that fights acne and helps prevent its return